So nice can be

I’m living in Zurich since April 2008, that means already more than three years. I’ve learned German till B2 Level, not enough, I know. I have many friends (Swiss, German, French, Spaniard people…) and we share our time doing many activities: barbecues, parties, trips, travels, outgoing, etc…. I’m happy about that.

I enjoy every day, my way to work. The little gifts and details. I walk looking at the different and ancient buildings. I read the noticeboards with the concerts, exhibitions and parties from Zurich and surroundings. I stop at the shop windows: scale of fraight trains, beautiful designs on clothes from Africa, albums of the 80’s, a Jewish silversmith’s, a gallery, fancy dresses, etc…

It smells good in Zurich: at night, the streets are involved by smelling from butter (bakery’s doing the croissants). In the fall I smell cold, smoke from chimney and roast chestnuts. That’s is that I love.

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